Hello everyone! My name is Tierra and this blog is a peek into a very important portion of my life. I developed an interest in medicine at an age so young I can hardly remember.That interest turned into a passion when I began having weight-related health issues in high school. I took charge of my health by losing over 50 pounds towards the end of high school and the beginning of college and I am currently a medical student, hoping to one day help people with their own health issues.

This blog is meant to highlight what it’s like to be a medical student, from the course load, to the things I just wish people would have told me when I began this journey. The blog also focuses on how I manage to keep up with exercising and maintaining a healthy diet among the chaos of life and how you can too! If nothing else, I hope you find my blog helpful to you in your quest to know more about topics related to fitness, healthy eating, weight loss, finding the right career path, and most importantly, medicine. But I also hope you take this journey through medical school with me and that through this blog we’ll grow together. Enjoy!