Systems: MSK

Hey guys! As promised, I am here to provide my favorite tips and tricks as well as a brief overview of each system I’ve studied in medical school. Our first system was Musculoskeletal. I’ll start off by saying that this was by far my absolute favorite system hands down!!! In comparison to the first semester of medical school, this was like a breath of fresh air. But that’s not to say I didn’t study my butt off. As I mentioned in my last Summer Series post, I got into a car accident on the first day of Christmas break, thereby totalling my vehicle and being stuck in bed, in pain, and without a car for 2 weeks. #bummer

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New Year… Better You. ❤️

How many of you out there truly believe in the concept of the cliche phrase, ‘New Year New Me’? I hear it often and see it as a trending hashtag on social media, but what does that really mean? How will the difference in a day (Dec 31, 2017 —> Jan 1 2018) really make you a new person? What’s wrong with the old you that makes you feel like you need to change? I honestly think the phrase is too telling of potential insecurities we all have of not being good enough or not being who we really want to be with the hopes of a new year making us a new and improved person. But I challenge you to instead try this — be a better version of the already amazing, wonderful, and beautifully created person that you already are.

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Summer Series: Mod 1 Recap, End of Semester Reflections & Winter Break

Aright guys, we’ve reached the end of the summer series about Module 1 of medical school—which just happened to extend into Fall due to my crazy start to second year this July! 😂 Pretty much everything else about Module 1 is very similar to the way it begins: lecture exams, lab exams, SP exams, quizzes, stress, fast pace, and lots of fun. So I’ll use this post to talk about end-of-semester things and how I spent my winter break before the beginning of the 2nd semester.

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Summer Series: What’s an SP Exam?

Alright guys after that VERY extended break from the first year summer series, here’s the last post specific to the first semester of medical school before my wrap up summary for the series. So, what’s an SP exam? Standardized Patient (SP) exams are a chance for people at my school to get an opportunity to perform histories & physical exams for practice in 1st and 2nd years before we’re required to do it for real in the hospital as 3rd & 4th years. These exams are thrown into the schedule around the time of your other exams for an exam cycle & they usually pertain to a specific bodily ‘system’. For example, if you’re in the Musculoskeletal course, your SP exam will only include you performing the history & physical (H&P) portions of an exam pertaining to the Muscoloskeletal system. (don’t worry, I have lots to share about each system I’ve taken thus far in my upcoming ‘Course Reviews’ series! :)). Module 1 is a bit different from the rest of pre-clinical years because it isn’t systems based. So these SP exams tend to be more general and only involve taking a patient’s vital signs and writing a brief physical exam about their chief complaint.

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Summer Series: Year One–Exam Time

Hey guys! Back again for another summer series post about year one! Today we reach the dreaded discussion of exam time. The best way to do this is talk about the exams in the order in which I took them and then talk about what happens afterwards.

*standardized patient exams were not included in the first two exam cycles so I’ll wait to explain that later in the Summer Series

Lab Practicals:

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Summer Series: Year One — All Summer ’16

Hey guys!

First off I wanted to say thanks so much for the feedback on my end of the year post! I will be making weekly vlogs that discuss the things you all wanna hear about, starting this Friday! So stay tuned 🙂 In the mean time I thought Wednesdays would be a great day to talk it up about Year One, step by step–starting with the summer before it started!

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Food for Belly–Cinnamon Sweet Potato Fries

Hey guys!

So I recently (and by recently I mean literally this morning) started my vegan journey! I’ve been wanting to try veganism since last Fall but with a hectic school schedule and minimal opportunities to research the lifestyle in my sparce ‘down-time’, I decided in January that I would start this summer. Today is day one and it’s definitely been eye-opening thus far. I never realized how hard it would be for a southern girl to give up the butter but I’m excited to take on the challenge. For dinner I wanted something filling so I decided to go for some sweet potato fries. The recipe was fairly simple and I added my own twist!

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My First 5K!

If there’s one thing I know I enjoy more than any other form of exercise–it’s running. Running has been therapeutic for me in many instances and I look forward to using running as an outlet for stress as opposed to my former outlet–food. It started out being just for fun but I’d always wondered what it would be like to complete a 5K race.

About a year ago I made it a goal to run 2 miles straight. By summer, I made it a goal to run at least 3 miles straight. I eventually decided that a 5K race was plausible, but could never get myself to sign up for one. A few months ago I actually committed to a race day and tried to train for the 3 months leading up to the race. In that time I had so many assignments, errands, tennis matches (I was on my college tennis team for my last semester), etc. that I had very little training completed by the time I needed to sign up for the race. But I said to myself “You know what, at this rate I’ll never be ready. Just do it Tierra.” And that’s what I did. Two weeks before the race I signed up online and made it a point to run as often as I could. Two days before the race I hurt my knee and was recommended by a physician to not run for at least another week. But I HAD to commit to this race. Continue reading